Jackson Imaging



As I sit on this plane traveling to Ottawa from small town Halifax, for my first ever day long business trip out of province, I am in unspeakable awe at how awesome God is. 

Last night I hosted the first ever event for Pics 4 Passion. It's been a long time coming, however, it was totally worth the wait. Despite a snow storm and a bunch of people canceling at the last minute we were still able to raise over $500 for Mental Health in Nova Scotia.  

Now I'm here  heading to Paraliment for a day in the life with politician to speak with them about mental health in Nova Scotia. Kicker with this one is that Taking It Global is paying for everything.  

First meeting of the day is with Member of Parliament Darren Fisher who I met with a few weeks back. Hes an excellent man and huge advocate for mental health. At noon, I'll be joining other MP's, Senetors and special guests for a lunch in. 

Then I'll head back to the airport to go home. 

Truly amazing how weird it feels to be this grown up. Traveling to Ottawa, sitting in a suit writing blog posts and creating a business plan for Jackson Imaging for 2019... little late I know, but better late than never. 

Being an adult never felt so real.  

I will fill you in on how it goes later tonight.  

- Hannah