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Floorball 2019

This past weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at the World U19 Men's Floorball Championships. What size floorball you may ask? I'm still not entirely sure. It was my first time ever hearing about the sport and the only reason I had was because my work was facilitating the event. 


Floorball: floor hockey with soccer rules. Americans ruined floorball for Europeans so they had to change hockey for us... 

Definitely worth checking out! It's such an interesting game. Now I still don't fully understand the rules. But the higher up in level you go the more skill it becomes and the less contact happens which is super impressive.   

The event ran from Wednesday to Sunday. Four games a day, with play offs on the Saturday and Sunday. 10+ countries traveled all across the world to come to this event. Eventhough it was not well attended those who did show up had an absolute blast. The city had an opportunity to learn about a new to us sport and the Europeans were a pleasure to host. 

Throughout the weekend the floorball staff had be running around doing different jobs because they were short handed on volunteers. Now, I don't mind volunteering it has opened a lot of doors for me in the past. But this particular event seemed different somehow, besides the fact it was a sporting event.

As time went on I got to know some of the other volunteers who have been a part of the sport for a while and I think they're the reason it felt different. They were so nice and we ended up having so much in common. Even though the weekend is over now I don't think my relationship and communication with the floorball team is over just yet. Which is exciting. And even if it is, I learned a lot this weekend and got to meet a lot of new people.  

The quote of the week was: Payback comes sooner or later especially if you work for free. Because nothing is ever truly done for free. You will always gain something out of everything if you're in the right mindset. 

Never volunteer with the mindset of just getting volunteer hours on the resume of being voluntold to volunteer. Do your best to go into it knowing you'll come out with something new. 

I need to practice this mindset just as much as the next person. And am excited for opportunities where I can do it.  





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